Autumn Mobility Forum in Burgas

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EUROCITIES Mobility Forum will focus on smart mobility in the framework of smart cities.

Policy insight:
Over the past 12 months, the European Commission has taken on several policy initiatives aimed at helping the EU transport sector to become future-proof, more sustainable and innovative. With the three mobility packages, under the branding 'Europe on the Move', published between May 2017 and May 2018, the European Commission aims to allow all Europeans citizens to benefit from safer, cleaner and smarter mobility solutions. 
EUROCITIES Mobility Forum meeting in Burgas will present the participants with these initiatives and discuss not only their impacts for cities but also how EUROCITIES and its members could approach them and deal with them.
Smart mobility
The main theme of our autumn forum meeting will be 'Smart mobility'. Participants will be presented with smart solutions identified within the smart cities lighthouse projects such as Sharing cities, GrowSmarter, Smarter together or My Smart Life. These aim at promoting smart cities as 'places where traditional networks and services are made more efficient with the use of digital and telecommunication technologies' with smarter urban transport networks making use of new technologies, connectivity and data to make transport cleaner, more efficient and accessible.
Burning issue debate
For the first time, we will organise a 'Burning issue debate' with politicians from member cities to discuss the burning question of: 'What’s now after the Dieselgate?' and to position our network on these key subjects of diesel bans, air quality, city regulation…
Join us in Burgas, the best Bulgarian city to live in 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2017 and be part of the move to smart mobility!