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EUROCITIES statement on state aid and local public services

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The aim of this statement is to contribute to the mid-term review of the State Aid rules for services of general economic interest (SGEI) Package. We argue that this review is an opportunity to assess and simplify rules for local authorities by keeping administrative, legal and financial burdens to a minimum. This is essential given the financial pressures currently faced by the public sector and the need for smarter use of human and financial resources.
In our statement, we recommend that state aid rules:
•              better match public procurement rules;
•              are simplified and more proportionate to the nature and size of local public services;
•              are more flexible so that local authorities can choose the most appropriate form of service provision (for instance direct, in house, concession or                procurement);
•              ensure the legal certainty and predictability needed for the provision of high quality public services;
•              keep reporting requirements to a minimum.
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