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Urban Agenda Circular Economy partnership - Position paper on water reuse

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In view of the committee vote on the Regulation on minimum requirements for water reuse on 21 January, the Urban Agenda partnership on Circular Economy recommends:
  1. Urging for the extension of the scope of the regulation to urban uses as soon as possible: The regulation should include among the classes in Annex I water reuse for civil purposes (e.g. street and car washing; watering of flowerbeds, public gardens and parks). The commission should be requested to carry out such evaluation as soon as possible.
  2. Supporting the minimum quality requirements proposed by the European Commission.
  3. Clarifying the Risk Assessment procedure. The competent authority should be in charge of overseeing the risk management in collaboration with the entities responsible for water reuse projects, operators of reclamation facilities and users.
  4. Better collaboration among the reclaimed plant operator and food operators.
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