why join

Cities need Europe, and Europe needs cities!

As the main political platform for the mayors and leaders of Europe’s most important cities, EUROCITIES has been making cities’ voices heard in Europe since 1986. We are best placed to make a convincing case for a holistic and intelligent approach to urban issues.

Join our 140 members from throughout Europe to:

  • benefit from the network effect - EUROCITIES works in all areas of interest for cities, from culture to mobility, environment to social affairs, economic development to smart cities. Iinvolving over 4,000 city politicians and officials, our network offers a wealth of opportunities for learning and development.

  • shape the EU agenda - EUROCITIES influences the development of European policy in the interests of our members and, due to our efforts, there has been a significant, positive shift in how Europe’s policymakers view the urban agenda.

  • build an international profile for your city - EUROCITIES provides a high-profile international platform for ambitious, outward-looking cities. and enables you to showcase your achievements to your peers as well as to influential stakeholders.