EUROCITIES Environment Forum Chair presents Porto’s best practices at the SOFAIR European Air Quality Conference 2019

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At the second edition of the SOFAIR - European Air Quality Conference 2019, which took place on 12 April 2019 in Sofia, the Deputy Mayor of Porto and EUROCITIES Environment Forum Chair Filipe Araújo presented the city's approach and policy initiatives regarding the improvement of air quality in and around Porto, as well as the efforts many other European cities are making in this area.

The measures particularly focus on the decarbonisation of transport and aim at triggering investments in the city’s electric vehicles fleet, the acquisition of new electric and natural gas buses for public transport, and the recently completed extension of the metro line. Moreover, Porto also encourages the planting of native trees in order to increase the city’s future capacity of carbon sequestration.

Stressing the high commitment of European cities to air quality, Filipe Araújo referred to the Covenant of Mayors 2030 carbon emissions reduction targets and called on the participants to follow the example of the Municipality of Porto that committed to reduce at least 50% of its carbon dioxide emissions by 2030.

SOFAIR is an international high-level conference on air pollution attended by policymakers, scientists, experts and representatives of the private sector and non-governmental organisations. The event is organised by the Municipality of Sofia in partnership with the Joint Research Center of the European Commission and with the support of EUROCITIES.

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