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EUROCITIES food webinar series: food waste

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The second episodes of the EUROCITIES food webinar series will focus on food waste, with the participation of representatives from Turin and Rotterdam.

EUROCITIES, in cooperation with the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact, is launching a series of webinars on a variety of food related topics. The second of the series will focus on food waste.

24/04/2019 15.30 - 17.00

TURIN - Biowaste project in Porta Palazzo: towards circular markets
Speaker:Simone Mangili
Abstract: The project aims to facilitate the composting of food waste in the city’s largest municipal market and to minimize food waste through the recovery and redistribution of unsold foods.

To increase the amount of organic matter destined for composting the project team introduced a system developed by a private partner, Novamont Spa. The system consists of carts specially designed for food waste collection in the tight spaces of open air markets. In order to guarantee the support of local produce vendors the City enlisted Eco dalle Città, a local environmental organization, to distribute the carts and biodegradable bags to vendors and to communicate how to properly sort food waste.

ROTTERDAM - Value creation from residual flows
Speaker:Amelia Oei
Abstract: New destinations for bulk volumes of residual waste.The production, processing and trade of potatoes, vegetables and fruit (PVF) in the Rotterdam Region causes enormous residual flows. At the moment we are still calling this waste, but you can often do very useful things with it (value creation). Think of packaging companies that know how to pack tomatoes in their own stem material. Rotterdam wants to take this a step further.

For the Rotterdam region, TNO examined which components from our residual flows are of commercial interest to process further. We are now investigating volumes in order for investors to get insight into possible returns. With additional research and new systems we are expanding the current earning power of the PVF-industry in the region.


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