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EUROCITIES members mobilising for stronger EU coordination of urban matters

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The EU political landscape is changing and EUROCITIES is committed to shaping strong working relationships with the new urban champions in the European Parliament and the Commission.

The EU’s ability to meet its long-term strategic objectives across most policy areas depends largely on the performance of its cities. Cities’ capacity to tackle climate change is critical for turning the goals and commitments of the Paris agreement into reality. Cities’ efforts to promote equal an d fair societies, with access to quality jobs for all, is the fundamental basis for a Europe in which no one is left behind. And cities’ ability to manage the digital transformation and optimise the use of new technologies is vital for a more inclusive, efficient and dynamic Europe.

That’s why EUROCITIES along with our member cities is making the case for better involvement of cities in European decision making. In recent weeks Ahmed Aboutaleb, mayor of Rotterdam and Anna König Jerlmyr, president of EUROCITIES and mayor of Stockholm, have both put the case to their respective national prime ministers.

The urban agenda for the EU was a milestone towards a stronger recognition of the role of cities in the EU and implementing a partnership approach across all levels of government. However, overall coordination of policies with implications for cities, where most Europeans live, remains weak.

As EUROCITIES we see the need to further strengthen leadership and coordination on urban matters at EU level through a Commission vice-president in charge of urban who can ensure an ongoing dialogue with city leaders, a clear strategic direction and stronger and transparent coordination of EU policies concerning cities.

Speaking of her recent efforts, Anna König Jerlmyr, said:

"Europe needs a Commission vice president in charge of urban affairs - and the time to make the case to EU heads of state is now. I had a very positive talk with Stefan Löfven, and it gave me hope that we really can make this happen if we - as a network and individual cities - keep up the pressure!"