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EUROCITIES participates at the 11th European Economic Congress

  • mobility

EUROCITIES participated in the 11th European Economic Congress in Katowice to discuss ‘sustainable transport in cities’ in a panel on the 15th May. The panel brought together Directors of transport from Warsaw and Krakow, the Mayor of Jaworzno and the Chairman of the Electric Vehicles Promotion Foundation to discuss the most pressing transport challenges for cities and to explore potential solutions.

Themes of discussion included air quality, the rise of clean public transport, the export of ‘dirty diesels’ from the west to the east of Europe and Poland’s new Electromobility and Alternative Fuels law, which introduced a national framework for the restriction of vehicles in urban areas, and the efforts that Polish cities are taking to advance sustainable mobility.

EUROCITIES provided insight into the trends both at the European and local level that are shaping sustainable mobility, while pointing to challenges that need urgently addressing by EU decision-makers and Member States.

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