Learn about Housing First in Lyon during our online policy transfer on 24-25 November

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Housing first is a promising model for combatting homelessness at local level. Since 2018, Lyon metropole developed in cooperation with the state a 5-year strategy for implementing housing first at local level and reducing homelessness. Within this framework, the city focusses in particular on increasing the availability of housing (including through the private housing market), combining housing with new forms of support and ensuring change in the culture and practices of the different stakeholders (training on the housing first model)

Join Eurocities’ working group homelessness on 24 and 25 November for two morning sessions discussing how Lyon is implementing this housing first approach, the success and challenges within their practice as well as the limitations of this model in their context.

France being in the middle of a second lockdown, we will also discuss how the services and projects in Lyon adapt to the situation and how cities can contribute to ensure continuity of services for those most in need.

Following the cancellation of all physical meetings in 2020, we have been very busy creating a new concept for a digital policy transfer. To accommodate this new format, we have re-structures the programme into 2 mornings focussing on learning from Lyon’s strategic approach to homelessness as well as how cities adapt to the second wave of covid-19.

Morning 1 – 24 November – Lyon’s model

The first morning will be dedicated to exploring the strategy implemented in Lyon. Through a mix of videos, live and pre-recorded interviews, presentations and interactive exchanges with the participants, we will explore the situation in Lyon, their approach to supporting homeless people and some of the concrete projects that implement Housing First.

Morning 2 – 25 November – Policy transfer

This online meeting will apply the methodology of a policy transfer. During this second day, we will identify the key success factors in Lyon’s approach and the elements that could inspire other cities when implementing Housing first in their local context.

Given the ongoing pandemic which challenges many cities to adapt their local homelessness services to a new and constantly evolving situation, a session will be dedicated to co-designing innovative solutions to your city challenges.

We are looking for cities to submit a challenge on adapting homelessness services in times of covid-19

Your city identified one or more aspects that are challenging in supporting homeless people during this crisis? You want to exchange and learn from other city officers in a similar situation? Submit your application by filling in the form attached below and send it to solene.molard@eurocities.eu by 15 November.

Registrations are now open!

You want to be part of this meeting? Register here: https://eurocities_wg_homelessness_hf_in_lyon.eventbrite.com

The link to connect will be shared right before the meeting. Registrations are mandatory in order to connect. Interpretation will be provided in French/English during this meeting.

The agenda and all useful documents can be found below.

This activity is part of EUROCITIES mutual learning programme between cities funded by the EU programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSi) between 2018-2021 under the strategic partnership with the European Commission DG EMPL.

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