Let us know what your city is doing regarding Sustainable Development Goals!

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To better understand our members’ expectations and needs regarding the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), EUROCITIES is running a short survey to have an overview of what cities are doing on SDGs and to understand if you would like to work on SDGs through EUROCITIES.
The SDGs encompass social, environment and economic aspects, and aim at improving the citizens’ life. Cities are at the forefront in the efforts to deliver on the SDGs. Cities do not just implement SDGs, but go further by working on localising them, adapting them to their local context and needs. Many of our members are frontrunners when it comes to work with SDGs, and we would like to know more about that. 
To reply to the survey, please follow this link, before 20 August COB.  

EUROCITIES staff contact

Feyrouz Lajili-Djalai