New video highlights a good practice for Roma inclusion in Cluj-Napoca

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EUROCITIES produced a video about the good practice of Cluj-Napoca in desegregating a Roma neighbourhood through integrated interventions for Roma inclusion in the city.

To address the complexity of social exclusion of Roma people in Pata Rat (in Cluj-Napoca, Romania), a team of experts developed for the metropolitan area the ‘Pata Cluj’ project. 
The project introduced three innovative ideas. First, it involved the Roma community in all phases of the project and developed all interventions based on their needs. Second, it used an integrated approach, combining actions for education, employment, housing, healthcare, culture and participation. Third, it supported desegregation through building new social housing around the city. 
The project was financed with over €3 million from Norway grants between 2009 - 2014. 
As part of a study visit organised by EUROCITIES working group on Roma inclusion, other cities had the chance to learn from the ‘Pata Cluj’ project in September 2017.
Watch the video here:

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