Urban Innovative Action 5th call for proposals just launched

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Last week, the Urban Innovative Action issued its 5th and last call for proposals.
EUR 50 million will be assigned under the Urban Innovation Initiative with the aim of testing new alternative solutions to current challenges in European urban areas.
The fund will cover four main areas:
  • Air Quality: which addresses the issue of air pollution, as it is one of the major causes for premature death in the EU.
  • Circular Economy: set as a top priority in the EU, aims towards more sustainable modes of production and consumption
  • Culture and Cultural Heritage: which aims to test locally produced initiatives and solutions regarding accessibility and citizen participation.
  • Demographic change: which will focus on solutions regarding demographic decline and reversing demographic trends to incentivize local economic activity and residents for sustainable urban development.
The deadline for applications is on 12 December 2019 at 2pm CET. During the months of October and November there will be seminars to help applicants in the preparation of quality project proposals held in Brussels and Prague. 
Learn more about the call, access the full application package and guidance from this link.

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