Warsaw hosted the EUROCITIES Barrier-free City for All WG meeting

  • culture
  • mobility

The Eurocities working group "Barrier-free City for All" met from 30.09.2019 until 02.10.2019 in Warsaw.

As usual, the participants from eleven different cities exchanged views on two main topics.
The first one was the participation of disabled people in culture and the organization and implementation of inclusive cultural events. Through cooperation with private sponsors and associations, numerous cultural events are held in Warsaw. The Foundation "Culture without Barriers" presented its eponymous festival, which first took place in 2013.
The second main topic of the meeting was "accessibility management". Administrative and organizational structures for the implementation of accessibility in urban areas were discussed, as well as cross-administrative and cooperative approaches. The city of Warsaw has created an administrative unit for the improvement of accessibility, which is assigned to the mayor of the city of Warsaw. In the city of Ljubljana, an accessibility council has been established, whose members are appointed by the mayor of Ljubljana. In Barcelona, the development of accessibility is being coordinated by a municipal institute.
There was general agreement among the participants, that, in addition to good structures, political commitment is a crucial prerequisite for successful inclusion.
The participants praised the extensive and very interesting program as well as the illustration of concrete measures during the guided city and museum tour.