• knowledge society


Through this working group, members exchange experiences and compare examples of city initiatives in the field of data across the EU. This would include topics like data management, collection and storage but also protection, privacy, openness, security, ownership as well as ethics.




  • Find equitable situations between public data and data from private sources to create ‘shared urban data schemes’ adding value to the quadruple-helix innovation ecosystems.
  • Support EUROCITIES and member cities in data-related policies and activities, including some GPDR implementation aspects.
  • Stimulate data literacy for citizens - build awareness, understanding and future skills to empower current and future generations.
  • Ensure that both urban sound data infrastructure and strategy are in place to share knowledge and build shared approaches.

Focus and suggested activities for the Data WG for 2018 and beyond


  • Establish common ‘citizen data’ principles to put in place urban policies that will reduce the data divide between public and private sectors, empower citizens as data custodians and increase social returns from urban data.
  • Promote the working group as an active part in the discussion with EU policymakers and businesses representatives on data sharing.
  • Identify a possible data infrastructure at the European level where member cities and the private sector could load data and experiment with solving urban problems using data sharing approaches.


Chair: Zaragoza

Vice-chair: Edinburgh


Daniel Sarasa Funes
Smart City Programme Manager

EUROCITIES staff contact

Federica Bordelot
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Policy advisor