Roma inclusion working group


This working group (WG) is committed to fight discrimination and exploitation, and foster the inclusion of Europe's biggest minority – Roma community. The cities part of the WG are exchanging good practices and sharing experiences regarding the integration policies at local level. The focus of the group is to actively involve and raise awareness on the important role of cities in the EU framework and national Roma inclusion strategies.

In 2018, the WG agreed to work on:

  • building the capacity of members to improve local policies for Roma integration through mutual learning on Roma participation, transition from education to employment, healthcare provision, collection of data on Roma situation (extend the mapping towards more cities);
  • influencing the post-2020 EU Roma strategy from the city perspective;
  • raising awareness of EU institutions and national contact points towards the city initiatives for Roma inclusion;
  • raising awareness at local level of the Roma history and culture to combat discrimination and anti-gypsyism;
  • training the city staff to build capacity on non-discrimination and equal access to services;
  • continuing the work on:
    • build east-west cooperation and attract more cities from Eastern Europe;
    • work to secure funding to help cities improve their policies on Roma inclusion;
    • involve Roma people and address both 'domestic' Roma and 'migrant' Roma in WG’s work.


Maaike Buyst

vice chair

Gordon Smith

EUROCITIES staff contact

Bianca Faragau-Tavares
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Policy advisor